The Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers CIPFM is an American professional body for those committed to the development of sound financial management practice. CIPFM is engaged in research and educational services.

The CIPFM has become a trusted brand among the worlds 500 largest multinational corporations with membership spreading across the US and other parts of the world. The CIPFM received its charter initially from the state of Delaware but now from the state of Wyoming and has affiliations and chapters in many countries in around the world. The Chartered Institute recognizes and provide the platform for professionals to develop their skills and engage in professional development.

CIPFM certifications are designed to meet the challenges of modern business realities and impact on the growth of organizations. The Institute membership structure cuts across all professions in the public and private sectors.

The Institute provide opportunity for financial managers to obtain certifications in many areas of finance and management.

Some of its certifications are delivered across the globe through its representatives. It is currently offering courses to several professionals to enable their productivity at the work place.

The Chartered Institute is in partnership with academic institutions and professional institutes promoting research, academic excellence and exchange programs

The CIPFM articulates its views on globalization and international trade and investment through the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce CDCC where it maintains membership and the US chamber where it maintains an affiliate membership status

The vision of CIPFM is to provide a platform for educating and certifying financial managers globally.

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